Nigerians share their worst experience driving in Lagos


Anyone who has been driving in Lagos roads is aware that driving in Lagos is not for the weak. The endless traffic, portholes as deep as wells, and unexplainable behavior of drivers are some of the things that make driving in Lagos challenging.

We asked five people to tell us their worst experiences while driving on Lagos roads and here is what they had to say:




I’m petite and I drive a Toyota Highlander so I always look really small in my car. I always get stared at while driving especially in Lagos traffic but I’m unbothered.

I was at a U-Turn waiting to go straight after the car in front of me was gone. The driver was having difficulty maneuvering the turn so they reversed too far and bashed me.

The driver was a middle-aged woman who looked apologetic when she got out of her car but the minute I got out of mine, her body language changed.

I told her she had to pay to fix the damage she had done to my car and she began to hurl insults at me, claiming I got my car through questionable means.

That infuriated me so I insulted her too. This scene had caused traffic and other people were getting out of their cars to intercede.

What I didn’t expect was that the people who interceded would bully me for talking back to this woman who had bashed my car because they wanted the traffic to move.

Someone threatened to hit me and that was when I realized that a mob was forming. That was my cue to get out of there. I’m still angry about the whole ordeal.





There was this period where there was a trend of dangerous-looking men jumping in front of cars in traffic and demanding money otherwise they’ll damage the car.

I found myself always looking around frantically in traffic, praying I wouldn’t fall victim. Just as I was starting to let my guard down, these wicked men decided it was my turn.

I was in traffic on my way to Ajah in the evening when a man jumped in front of my car with a cutlass in his hand. He was yelling at me and asking for money or he would shatter my glass. I was so scared, my hands were shaking.

Other people in traffic were hastily turning up their windows and that was when I realized I was on my own and I needed to act fast.

The traffic had started to move so when it got to my turn, I summoned courage and accelerated with force, knocking the man off.

I thought I had injured him badly when I heard people screaming but I was relieved when I saw him stand up and run. I didn’t drive for an entire month after this happened.




I moved to Lagos from Abuja a year ago and while I know that most Lagos drivers are intense, I never knew that they could endanger another person’s life unprovoked.

I was driving myself and my friend to Victoria Island and I’m particularly careful when driving on bridges so as I was approaching the Third Mainland bridge, I became extra cautious. I stuck to the lane on the left because it appeared to be the safest for my speed.

The driver behind me was upset that I wasn’t moving fast enough and was trying to get in front of me. I ignored him and he moved to a different lane after a while. The traffic eased up a little more so I moved faster. Suddenly, a car entered in front of me at full speed, causing me to swerve and press the brake hard to prevent an accident.

I was scared then I realized it was the person who was driving behind me previously. He stuck his hand out of his window and put his middle finger up as he drove away. I couldn’t believe the pettiness.




I was on my way from Lekki Phase 1 back to the mainland on a Friday evening and the traffic was hot. I had spent five hours in this traffic and I was regretting not waiting till it was late at night before hitting the road.

I was still arguing with myself mentally when I noticed smoke coming out of my bonnet.

I came down to take a better look and realized that my car was overheating. It was 8:20 pm, I was at Apongbon in brutal traffic and I didn’t know what to do so I started crying.

Danfo drivers were yelling at me to move my car out of the way and making fun of me for crying.

Nobody offered me any help and I was scared for my safety. After what felt like an eternity, four street boys popped up and I thought they were going to rob me but they offered to help me with my car for N10,000. I was desperate so I agreed. I check my car before going anywhere now.


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It was past 11:00 pm and I had just dropped my date off at home. I was on Maryland road heading towards Yaba when I had an accident that I cannot explain to date. It was the most sudden thing I had ever experienced.

Thankfully, I wasn’t severely injured but I could feel that my car was upside down and it was going to be difficult for me to get out.

I started shouting for help and I heard footsteps rushing towards the car so I thought they were helpers but they were thieves.

They dipped their hands into the car in search of valuables and I didn’t even mind. I just pleaded with them to help me out of the car but they ignored me.

Suddenly, they ran away when they heard new footsteps running towards the car. Policemen showed up and they were the ones who helped me out of the car, made sure I was okay and helped me call my sister.

They guarded my car for a few more hours before I got it towed. I’m still thankful for those men.


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