Every car owner knows that the feeling you get when you realize that your vehicle has been towed when you did not request towing services is awful. There are so many reasons why a vehicle could be towed in Lagos, Nigeria and you can learn about them here.

If your car is towed, your priority is to get it back so here are the steps you can take to do so:

Determine the location

Find out where your car has been towed. Usually, there are designated locations or impound lots where towed vehicles are taken. You may find this information by contacting the local traffic management agency or the nearest police station.

Gather necessary documents

Prepare the required documents to retrieve your car. These typically include your driver’s license, vehicle registration papers, and proof of ownership (such as a car title or bill of sale). It’s advisable to keep copies of these documents in your vehicle or carry them with you whenever you drive.

Contact the appropriate authorities

Get in touch with the relevant authorities responsible for towing and impounding vehicles in Lagos. This may involve reaching out to the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) or the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental Sanitation and Special Offenses. They can provide you with specific instructions and information about fees, procedures, and any outstanding violations or fines.

Visit the impound lot

Once you have the necessary information, visit the impound lot where your car is being held. It’s recommended to bring a form of identification, your vehicle documents, and enough cash to cover the required fees. Confirm the operating hours of the impound lot before your visit.

Pay the necessary fees

In most cases, there will be fees associated with the towing and storage of your vehicle. These fees can vary depending on the duration of impoundment and the reason for towing. Ensure you have enough cash or acceptable payment methods to settle these fees.

Provide required documentation

Present your identification and vehicle documents to the authorities at the impound lot. They may need to verify your identity and confirm ownership before releasing the vehicle to you.

Retrieve your vehicle

Once you have paid the fees and provided the necessary documentation, you should be able to retrieve your car. Check your vehicle for any damages or missing items before leaving the impound lot.

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