We have launched a new feature called Traffic Violation. The Whistle team has worked tirelessly to deliver this feature to your app and heighten your experience on the Whistle app. We understand that you are curious about this new feature in its entirety so here is everything about it:

What is the Traffic Violation feature?

The consistent violation of traffic rules and instructions is a problem that has plagued Lagos roads for a long time. To combat this problem, Whistle created the Traffic Violation feature.

This feature allows Whistle users to report drivers who commit traffic offenses within Lagos using images and videos in real-time.

What Offences Can The Feature Be Used To Report?

The Traffic Violation feature on Whistle allows you to report drivers who commit the following offenses:

  • Illegal U-Turns and BRT Corridor

BRT corridors or lanes are prohibited for commercial and private vehicles to use. In the same vein, making a U-Turn at places not designated for that is wrong.

  • One-Way Driving

Driving contrary to the direction of a one-lane road is a violation of traffic rules that has caused several accidents. This can be reported using our new feature.

  • Tailgating Ambulances or Police Vehicles

Ambulances and police cars receive priority in traffic because of the severity of the service they render. Drivers who follow closely behind them to benefit from said benefit are in violation of traffic rules.

  • Wrong Overtaking

Driving in a reckless manner to overtake and get ahead of another road user is a dangerous act that you can report using our new feature.

  • Picking Passengers On The Highway

Highways are not bus stops. Therefore, drivers found picking up passengers on the highway are violators of traffic rules and regulations.

How To Use The Feature

You can file a report on Whistle using our new feature in these three steps:

Step 1


Step 2
Step 3

To access this new and amazing feature, update your Whistle app on the Google Play Store today!

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