How to Identify Acceptable and Unacceptable Reports on Whistle


Hundreds of reports are filed daily on the Whistle app. These reports pass through a process of verification done by our manual reviewers. Our manual reviewers then decide what reports are acceptable and which ones are not. Unacceptable reports are rejected and don’t attract any cash or social reward.


The two characteristics of acceptable reports are that they contain clear, high-quality images/videos taken on public or main roads. It is important for Whistlers to file reports of this nature because the images/videos go to the rightful road law enforcement bodies. They are then used for verification and the preparation of fines for guilty road users.


Whistlers have to ensure that the vehicle plate number in their reports is visible as it makes it easier for manual reviewers to spot the correct road user and approve.


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Attributes of Unacceptable Whistle Reports


Reports filed by Whistlers on Whistle are sometimes rejected because they do not adhere to the standard of acceptable reports. Some of the common attributes of rejected and unacceptable reports on Whistle are:


  • Blurry and low-quality images/videos.
  • Images/video taken anywhere other than a public road. Images/videos taken in a parking lot, compound, mechanic workshop, place of worship, off the road, abandoned vehicle, and more, are prohibited.
  • Images/video taken from another screen such as a laptop or phone.
  • Inaccurate and invisible vehicle plate number.


Inaccurate vehicle plate number
Inaccurate vehicle plate number


Whistle App


How Does Whistle Treat Unacceptable Reports?


Whistlers are constantly reminded of the conditions that their reports need to meet for them to be acceptable and garner cash or social rewards via the Whistle App and Whistle Telegram Community. Unacceptable reports are rejected alongside a feedback that states the reason for the rejection.


Accounts could also be blocked/banned momentarily or permanently due to consistent filing of unacceptable reports by that particular user. The kind of reports that result in an immediate block/ban from Whistle are:


  • Images/videos taken from another screen such as laptops, phones.
  • Handwritten plate numbers
  • Images/videos taken in places other than the main road e.g parking lots, compounds, and places of worship.
  • Duplicate reports
  • Inaccurate reports over seven consecutive times.


Whistlers in any of these categories can send an email to to appeal that their account be unblocked.


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