Road hazards are everywhere on the roads, and these hazards could cause some major damage to properties and even lives. 

Road Hazard


The thing with road hazards is that they present in so many ways, from minuscule things like broken glass on the roads, to wet roads and even huge trucks and tankers. 


But they can all cause the same amount of damage, and knowing them and how to avoid them, could quite literally be the difference between life and death.

Here are some of the most common road hazards that you will find driving along Nigerian roads;


  1. Potholes: Something to look out for on Nigerian roads are potholes. I know it may be a bit common, but it’s always good advice to watch out for them. Also, when it comes to potholes, just slow down and go through them, rather than swerving and causing more danger to you and other road users.


  • 2. Pedestrians: Nigerian roads are busy. There are cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles, as well as people. People are walking and selling at every corner, and one mistake could mean someone winding up in a hospital bed. As a driver, you have to be on the lookout for them, so you don’t end up with someone’s hospital bills.


  • 3. Heavy rain and wet roads: We are in peak rainy season, meaning that the clouds are opening up on us every other second, and that can be a serious hazard for drivers. From slippery roads to foggy atmospheres, navigating the road during the season takes a lot of expertise. Driving slower, waiting for the clouds to clear up before you go anywhere, and following safety guidelines are some ways to mitigate its effects;

  • 4. Big trucks: Every other day, we hear of another big truck involved in an accident on our roads. They constitute one of the biggest hazards that road users face while driving. As a driver, avoid following these trucks too closely, allow them ample time to join traffic, or make a turn before following.


  • 5. Sharp objects: Small nails, shards of glasses, wood pieces, etc, are all examples of things that constitute road hazards and could be the cause of serious accidents. The thing about sharp objects is that you may not notice them until it’s a bit late, but when you do, make sure to pull over and give your car a thorough check before continuing your journey.


When you come across certain road hazards, making a report about them should be standard practice, to make the roads safer for others.

To make any reports, you should first get pictures of whatever the hazard may be, from glass shards to big trucks driving recklessly, and take it to the traffic wardens’ office in your community and lodge a formal complaint.

The Whistle app also allows you to report things like reckless driving and dangerous vehicles, which all constitute road hazards.

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