How To Change Your Tyres


Car tyres


A car is a convenience for movement however, they can sometimes experience malfunctions. Car tyres aid the movement of a vehicle so they are one of the most essential parts of a car.


The poor condition of roads across states in Nigeria is a major reason why car tyres have issues and become deflated. Sharp stones, nails, broken bottles, and more can enter tyres and ruin them. This is why having a spare tyre is important.


If one of your tyres suddenly goes bad while you’re on a busy Lagos road with little to no help, you will have to change it by yourself.


Some of the tools you will need to make the change are:


Jack: You will use this to lift your car off the ground.


Wrench: This will help you remove the nuts of the wheel of the bad tyre.


Wheel Chock: You will need this to prevent the car from moving when the vehicle is jacked up. Substitute a wheel chock with large stones if you don’t have one.


Wheel Nut Key: If the nuts on a wheel are tight fitted, this will get them loose.





Once you have the tools, follow these steps to change the tyre:


  • Ask all the passengers in the car to exit then put the wheel chock or stone underneath the other tyres.


  • Use the wheel wrench to loosen the nuts of the tyre’s wheel by turning it anti-clockwise.


  • Remove the nuts of the wheel and pull the bad tyre till it comes off. 


  • Place the good tyre on the nut space and turn them in with your hand. 


  • Use the wheel wrench to fully tighten the nuts. 


  • Put the car back on the ground by removing the jack. 


  • Use a tyre pressure gauge to confirm that your newly installed tyre is alright. If you don’t have one, go to the nearest vulcanizer or filling station to get it done. 



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