How to Make Your Vehicle More Fuel Efficient


Hardly does a day pass without traffic gridlock occurring on different Lagos roads. Lagosians are always in search of ways to avoid traffic and reduce its diminishing effect on their vehicle’s fuel level. The constant rise of the cost of fuel and abrupt fuel scarcity are some of the greatest triggers of better fuel management in Lagos drivers.

Here are five tips that will help your vehicle become more fuel efficient if you drive in Lagos or anywhere else in the world:

Switch to a fuel-economic vehicle

Fuel-economic vehicles are vehicles that are designed to consume less fuel by automobile manufacturers. You can find out how much fuel your vehicle is programmed to consume by researching its miles per gallon (MPG) ratings on the internet. Search for the MPG ratings of other vehicles and compare them to yours. If you find a vehicle with a lower MPG rating and other characteristics that you enjoy, you should consider a swap.


Comparison of the fuel consumption of different vehicles
Comparison of the fuel consumption of different vehicles


Trip planning

If you drive in Lagos, you must always check the traffic situation on the road before you begin your trip to your destination. This is because a journey that would normally last an hour could end up being five hours long. Your vehicle consumes more fuel because of this. The Whistle app lets you find out and report the traffic situation anywhere in Lagos.


A driver checking the road map


Clean your air filter

When your vehicle’s air filter is dirty, the engine works harder than normal. A dirty air filter is one of the leading causes of an increase in a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Make plans for a routine air filter cleaning or change with your mechanic.


A vehicle's dirty air filter
A vehicle’s dirty air filter


Reduce your speed

Anyone who drives like they are in a scene from Fast and Furious is bound to have issues with their vehicle’s fuel consumption. Ensure that you apply minimal pressure on your vehicle’s accelerator and brakes. Accelerating and braking hard takes more energy than required from the fuel.


A vehicle's speedometer
A vehicle’s speedometer


Minimal use of AC

Research has shown that the mileage of vehicles is better when the air conditioner is off. Air conditioners are one of the most common causes of increased fuel consumption in vehicles. Turning off your AC or putting it on the lowest level makes your fuel last longer.


A vehicle’s air conditioner controller


What other tips have you used to minimize your vehicle’s fuel consumption? Share them with us in the comments.

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