How to verify license plate and report dangerous vehicles on Whistle


How to verify: Car documents  validate an individual’s ownership of a car. One of the most important car documents in the world is the vehicle license plate number.


In Nigeria, the vehicle license plate was first introduced in 1992 and its arrangement was changed in 2011. Nigerian vehicle license plates are white and consist of a unique combination of alphabets and numbers which are blue.


The format for Nigerian vehicle license plates is ABC-123DE. The first three alphabets signify the Local Government Area (LGA) in which the vehicle was registered. The three alphabets are followed by three digits and two more alphabets.


Here is how to verify your vehicle license plate on the Whistle app:



Vehicles in bad conditions are consistently on the road without any precaution. Seeing a car with faulty tires, leaks and more is now the order of the day in Lagos. Whistle has a feature for reporting such vehicles and here is how to do it:







To use these interesting features and more to bring sanity to Lagos roads, download the Whistle app

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