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Whistle App

Whistle App: Bettering the overall experience of our Whistlers who work hard to bring sanity to the roads of Lagos is one of our top goals. The Whistle team works tirelessly to identify the pain points of Whistlers and provide solutions to them. 


Whistle App The Whistle


The solutions are seven new features/updates to the Whistle app, making it easier for Whistlers to use the app. The new features are: 


The In-App Card 


The In-App Card enables Whistlers to access links that will bring them directly to the Whistle website and blog. Reading our interesting and educational blog posts just got easier! 


The In-App Survey 


It is important to us that every Whistler has a pleasant experience while using the app. The In-App Survey is a poll-like feature that allows Whistlers to give feedback concerning their likes and dislikes periodically. Whistle will use information from here to make the needful updates. 


The Bill Voiding System 


Previously, the cash rewards from bad reports accumulate for a while. Whistle will manually subtract the funds from the Whistler’s lifetime earnings. 


The new Bill Voiding System feature deducts cash rewards from bad reports immediately after they are noticed. 


Duplicate Report Removal 


This new feature prevents Whistlers from being able to file reports using images from their previous reports. Images and videos vanish immediately after a report is filed. 


Easy Sign-Up Using Gmail


If you shared your referral code with a friend who had issues signing up using their Gmail, kindly let them know that a solution is here! New users can now sign-up on Whistle at ease using their Google/Gmail details.


Performance Leaderboard 


Ever wondered what your fellow Whistlers are up to? The new Performance Leaderboard feature discreetly gives you a general progress report on all cash and social rewards. Whistlers will receive this notification either weekly, monthly, or yearly. Stick around and see. 


Whistle App


A New Style of Notification


The Whistle team has created a new, improved, and detailed mode of notification that does not require you to log in to the app. You will get a notification as soon as a report you filed is approved or rejected and when you receive cash or a social reward. 


Update your Whistle app to start exploring all of these interesting new features here


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