How To Register A Vehicle Within Nigerian In 2023

Nigerian: According to our research reports, the number of vehicles purchased in the first and second quarters of 2022 is 2,622 and 2,690 respectively. 


The Nigerian automobile market is a very niche and busy business space with millions of Naira exchanging hands daily. Buying a vehicle can be tricky for a first-time buyer. 


Whether the vehicle is brand new or pre-owned, vehicle registration remains one of the most common issues that first-time vehicle buyers face. 


If you will buy a vehicle in 2023 and you worry about the registration process, all that you need to do are: 


1. Obtain an allocation of plate number form from the State Board of Internal Revenue/Motor Licensing Authority (SBIR/MLA) and fill it out. Ensure that this form is obtained from one of FRSC‘s approved centers for plate numbers in Nigeria. This is so that you will not be swindled and given a counterfeit vehicle plate number.


2. Provide all necessary supporting documents or information then you submit.


3. You will fill out some of the following forms: 

  • Tax Form
  • Form B
  • Federal Road Safety Form
  • Auto vehicle License Form 




4. Upon completion, all of the forms go to the licensing office’s officer to verify. If accurate, the forms get stamped.


5. Deposit N50,000 at any bank for your pay for a license plate at a bank. This could cost more if you want your license plate customized.




6. Provide proof of payment to receive a plate number. Following this, you will receive a Proof of Ownership Certificate and Number, and a Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT).


All of the documents you provide at the initial stage of the registration are returned to you.  Get vehicle insurance for your vehicle once this is done.

You can also verify the authenticity of your license plate number and vehicle documents on Whistle.

Is there something you did differently when you were registering your vehicle that you want other people to know? Share with us in the comments.

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