How To Apply For A Tinted Permit in Nigeria

Tinted Permit


A tinted vehicle is any vehicle with a thin film on its windows. The tint darkens the windows, reducing the penetration of sunlight and the headlights of other cars on the road. Vehicle window tint film comes in different shades and materials.


Every tinted vehicle owner must file for a permit from the Nigeria Police. The tinted vehicle permit is a mandatory document that all owners of tinted vehicles must possess to be able to use their cars freely.


The two most common conditions for a tinted vehicle permit are:


  • Security or health purposes.
  • Vehicles manufactured with a factory tint.


Individuals to who these two conditions do not apply can still go ahead and apply for the permit.

The cost of a tint permit in Nigeria begins at N15,000 and above.


To get a tint glass permit in Nigeria, follow these simple steps: 

  • Visit the official Nigeria Police and click here
  • Fill in all the necessary information. 
  • Click on submit.

Applicants receive a default login password. Change it after you log in. Do these next: 


  • Upload the proof of ownership of your vehicle and your driver’s license.
  • Input your vehicle details.
  • Input your vehicle insurance number and upload the document.
  • Submit and print the page.


Applicants for the vehicle tint permit have to perform a physical exercise by submitting the printed copy of the tinted permit application at the nearest police station headquarter.

Here, capturing and biometrics are done by the rightful department. Check your portal intermittently for your permit.

Tinted Permit


Individuals who are uninterested in going through this process by themselves can pay agents a fee to do it on their behalf.

If you’re familiar with the tinted vehicle permit application process, tell us something that every intending applicant needs to know in the comments.

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