How To Handle Traffic Robbery


Traffic robbery is the violent stealing of properties from individuals on the road in a gridlock. It could result in severe damage to the vehicle and the injury or death of victims. 


Between January and March of 2022, over 100 cases of traffic robbery were recorded and reported in Lagos. By the end of 2022, the number had skyrocketed to over 1,300.


It is safe to say that traffic robbery is something that many Lagosians combat daily, not knowing when it will occur. 


For this reason and because of how easy it is to get stuck in traffic within Lagos, you need to be ready if thieves ever attempt to rob you in traffic. 


If you’re ever in a traffic robbery situation, these five tips will help you handle it properly and possibly escape unscathed: 


Danfo buses driving one way

Maintain your calmness


Your attacker will do something drastic to scare you, such as shattering your window. However, when you remain calm, the level of violence reduces significantly. Resist the urge to scream for the attention of other road users. They will most likely not come to your rescue. It could also provoke your attacker to harm you.

No struggling


You will consider fighting your attacker to defend yourself and your properties but don’t do it. Do not try and argue too. These actions trigger traffic thieves and motivate them to use their weapons on you so you can cooperate with them.




Communicate clearly


An ongoing traffic robbery scene is not the place to show how well you speak English. Most traffic robbers speak Nigerian pidgin to their victims. Endeavor to respond in Nigerian pidgin too so they understand you. Also, avoid volunteering more information than necessary. Give direct answers only.


Zero eye contact


Maintaining eye contact with a traffic robber is one of the easiest ways to motivate them to severely injure you or even worse, kill you. Traffic robbers are paranoid that victims who maintain eye contact will remember their faces, especially if they’re not wearing masks. Always look forward or downward.


Never underestimate your attacker


You might doubt the authenticity of your attacker’s weapon, especially if it’s a gun. Do not try to confirm your suspicion. Traffic thieves usually do not attack with only one weapon. A knife is as lethal as a gun.


If you know any additional tip that is useful for handling traffic robbery in Lagos, leave it in the comments.


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